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Cake Decorating Classes in Hooksett, New Hampshire

Whether you're a homemaker wanting to learn cake decorating, or a professional who wants to advance your skills, we can help you. Our instructors are experienced cake decorators who enjoy sharing their knowledge.

We have classes for all levels and abilities. Class sizes are limited, so that everyone gets the attention that they need. While taking classes, you will receive a store  Read more

Upcoming Classes - Fall 2017


CLASS I – Beginners Cake Decorating

Six weeks. How to level, seal and frost a cake, pressure technique, figure piping, seasonal sugar molds, drop flowers, lily of the valley and writing. PRICE $69.95

CLASS II – Intermediate Cake Decorating

Five weeks. Basic cake designs, borders, sweet peas, pansies, roses and rosebuds. Last night – a two-tiered cake. 1st night of class bring 2 lbs. of decorating icing. If you need our recipe, ask us for a copy. PRICE $79.95

CLASS III – Advanced Cake Decorating

Six weeks. Royal frosting, Easter lilies, daffodils, jonquils, narcissus, blossoms, daisies, color flow, lattice work and cornelli lace. PRICE $89.95

Adult Russian Tip Cupcake Class

1 night. Have a fun evening out and learn new ideas to decorate cupcakes using the new Russian one step tips. You’ll be making 6 different cupcakes using buttercream icing. Cupcakes are supplied with class.
Chocolate Cake with Hazelnuts - Cake Decorating Classes in Hooksett, NH
Chocolate Cupcakes - Cake Decorating in Hooksett, NH

Candy Making I

1 Night.Limit 6. You’ll be making Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Filled Chocolates and Peppermint Patties. You’ll get the recipes, 4 candy molds and a paint brush.

Edible Lace Class

2 weeks – Limit 6. Imagine. . . lace pieces that can be premade months ahead and stored until you need them. They stay soft and pliable up to several months. 1 lace mat included in class price.

Rolled Fondant Class

2 weeks. This course will teach you how to use fondant to cover cakes, how to use impression mats, make easy ribbon roses and drape the side of a cake.

Cookie Decorating Class

1 day –limit 6 Students. Cookies are HOT! Come learn how to decorate sugar cookies using run sugar icing. Cookies will be pre-baked and ready to decorate. You will “flow in” the cookies first thing in the morning and while they dry we’ll decorate some with rolled fondant. After the cookies have dried we’ll put the finishing touches on them. Some Decorating Experience Required.


2 weeks – Limit 8 Students. Picture a Fall day after a frost and the brightly colored leaves are sparkling in the morning sun. You can make leaves that will have that look but are actually gelatin. You’ll be making an assortment of leaves that can be used on cakes and cupcakes. Some supplies included.


1 Class - Come have fun and make fall leaves that don’t need to be raked and bagged! You’ll leave at the end of the class with a box of fall leaves that are ready to use on a fall themed cake. We’ll be using a double sided leaf impression mold and dusting the finished leaves with various dusts. Some cutters included.

“Stump” Cake Class

1 Class. Come create the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving.
The cake is rolled like a jelly roll, stood up on its end and decorated like a tree stump.
Cake is supplied for the class.

Puff Pastry Class

1 Morning – Limit 6 Students. Learn to make delectable pastries using pre made puff pastry. We will be making turnovers, puff pastry squares, cream horns, napoleons and a savory sandwich. Some supplies included

Unicorn Cake

1 Class. Little people (big people, too!) love fairies, rainbows and unicorns. Come learn to frost and decorate a cake to look like a unicorn. Cake is supplied for the class.

Classes for the Holiday Season

Turkey Cupcake Class

1 night- Limit 10
Do you have someone in your family who doesn’t care for pumpkin pie? Well…make them happy with cupcakes decorated to look like a turkey!

Sugar Snow Globe Class

2 weeks. Santa isn’t the only one to look into a snowball and see a picture. Make a snow globe that you can look into and see a holiday or winter scene.

Adult Gingerbread Workshop

Limit 10
Come enjoy a fun filled day and create a holiday memory. The parts of the houses will be pre-baked and waiting for you to add your own special touch to them. Bring a lunch.

Children’s Gingerbread Workshop

Limit 10 - Ages 7 – 14
Create a holiday memory for your children by bringing them to a gingerbread workshop. Small house will be ready for them to decorate and then put together.

Mini Chocolate Wreath Class

1 week. Looking for something to give someone, but don’t want to give them a huge amount of candy? Make a mini wreath for them.

Kid’s Chocolate Parties – Great for birthday parties

1 ½ hour class. A wonderful class involving hands on in making many delicious confections. Children make Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner out of candy. They learn how to use candy molds and are encouraged to use their imaginations in making assorted colored lollipops. The grand finale is the most fun, chocolate covered popcorn!!! Each child brings home all of their own treats. This party is held for a minimum of 8 kids and no more than 12. Ages 7 and up, please. Call for availability.

Children’s Classes

Kid’s Beginning Cake Decorating Class I

4 weeks. AGES 9 TO 15. Yes…we have a class for the aspiring cake decorators. This class is designed to give you a basic knowledge of cake decorating. You’re going to learn basic cake borders, how to level and frost a cake and some flowers using decorators icing. LIMIT 8 STUDENTS
PRICE $49.95

Kid’s Advanced Cake Decorating Class II

4 weeks. AGES 10 TO 15. We had a beginner’s class and they all want MORE! This class is going to take you to the next step of cake decorating. You’re going to learn more advanced cake borders, flowers and designing cakes. LIMIT 8 STUDENTS

Kid’s Rolled Fondant Class

2 weeks Limit 8 Students – Ages 10-15.
Kids, you’ve all seen this on TV. Come learn how to use rolled fondant and create your own cake. 1st week cover a cake dummy, 2nd week you bring a cake.

Kid’s Lets Have Fun With Chocolate

1 night. Learn how to melt the candy and to make all types of yummy candy. PRICE $24.95

Kid’s Russian Tip Cupcake Class

1 night. Here’s a new technique for making flowers using just one tip. Squeeze and make a flower right on a cupcake. Incredible! Cupcakes are supplied with class.

Kid’s Spooky Cupcake Class

1 night. Decorate 6 cupcakes using decorator’s icing, fondant, candy pieces and assorted sprinkles. We will create a fondant ghost, a witches hat, a spider and other ghouls.